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I was born in Vienna, Virginia, at the time
-a tiny place with only a few businesses.

There was a Post Office, a Wright's Department store
-a Fire Department and a Church.
These are the only ones I remember.

My Mom shopped at Wrights and
I remember her buying all of us kids new shoes
for school-I even got 2 pairs in second grade!

Times were hard for most people in those years and
new shoes and clothes took second place to
buying food and medicine!

I attended Oakton School and must say, I was an excellent student!
My report cards showed only A's and B's.
I liked all my teachers till fifth grade-
she was a county Sheriff's wife and very strict.

My Mom died at that time and it changed my whole life.
I was no longer the happy girl I had always been.
I became sullen, angry and so sad.

I still maintained my good grades, however.

I loved my homeroom teacher in high school-
a beautiful young lady named Thelma Bates
I didn't like math at all
and having a strict retired Marine for my teacher didn't help!

After school, I moved to Richmond, Va and lived with my sister, Nina.
Nina was the sweetest person and I enjoyed my time with her.
While there, I attended Smithdeal-Massey Business School

Not long after, my best friend moved to Richmond
and we got an apartment together.
Mary and I were like sisters.
Times were tough for us both
but we managed.She had been divorced.
After many fun filled times for the two of us, she and her husband
got back together and became parents of 3 children.
Sadly, Mary was killed in an automobile accident.
It was a terrible time for all of us.
I didn't keep in touch with her family after that.

I moved back to my home town and
went to work at J C Penney in Clarendon, VA.
I became high salesperson after a short time
which impressed my boss, Morris Shanholtz!
It impressed him so much, he asked me for a date.

We went dancing and pretty much fell in love!
A few months later, we were married
in the little Church I attended as a child.

I had to quit JCP because of company policy
and went to work at a local bank.
He was transferred to Hanover, PA after 4 years of marriage.
I was pregnant at the time and gave
birth to my first daughter, Lynn.
I felt that God had put me on earth to give birth
to my 3 beautiful girls.
I still feel that way.
They have made us very proud.
In addition, we have 5 Granddaughters, one Grandson, and One Great-Granddaughter.
Well, as of Friday, September first,
we are Great Grandparents again!
Palmer Gregory Henehan was welcomed into the world.
Taryn and Pat are the proud parents! My family is my world!

I co-owned a beautiful Hallmark Card and Gift Shop for ten years.
My husband and I are retired now.

I started creating websites with my poetry in 1997.
With being allowed to use gorgeous graphics from graphic artists,
I have many followers and am so grateful for them.
I will continue to create these websites till I can no longer physically do so.
Thank you all for your loyalty and please stick with me!

As you probably know, Kacey is my website name-Anne Shanholtz is my name.

I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.













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