If we could have one lifetime wish
One dream that could come true
We'd ask with all our hearts
For yesterday and you

Like a silent Angel you left us
Our crying was in vain
God wanted you to rest in peace
to breathe without the pain

He wanted you to smile again
~in sunshine every day
So we sadly gave you to Him
We could not make you stay

We'll learn to live without you here
~in our hearts an empty space
But we'll all be with you soon
~another time, another place.

Let the Angels carry you
in their arms to Heaven's door
There'll be no pain, no heartache
~only joy forever more.

February 21, 2006~It's been a year since you left us.
Our hearts still feel the pain
Awaiting for Christ's return
to see you once again.
We miss you, dear Jane

February 21, 2007-The second anniversary of Jane's death.

You are a sweet memory
we'll never forget
and as time goes by
we long for you yet.





Mr. Wolfe: