I love to write..thanks for allowing me
the pleasure of sharing with you!
I have discovered so many dear people on the internet.
I have met, laughed and cried with them.
and they have supported me in troubled times.
This page is for all of you.

Blue Mountain Arts used to display
the first, second and third place winning poems.
My Granddaughter poem was a third place winning poem
--out of tens of thousands to be among the winners.
This was truly an honor!
Unfortunately, they no longer use the winning poetry and it is a paid website.
I am a paid member since I like being able to use the choice cards.

The following poem has been selected by Blue Mountain as a finalist.
I thank this very prestigious company for choosing my work
and I'm proud to display it here for you.


We meet everyday, we share stories
poems, jokes and heartaches-
Arms outstretched, holding, comforting
--assuring me you are here--someone I can depend on--
a shoulder to lean on when my world comes crashing down on me.

We've laughed together, cried together
--you have sent flowers to my home
when someone dear to me has died.

You accepted me without question.
I could feel your welcoming smile coming through my monitor
--fingers typing messages of friendship offered.

Miles separate us, we may never meet but we have bonded.
Sometimes I make you angry and your anger is evident-
Symbols of frustration--stinging words sent through cyberspace-

I am quick to sense your anger
and I rush to assure you that things will be alright between us.

Tomorrow, we will meet again
--imaginary coffee shared, friendly words exchanged
to start our day with smiles.

Always elusive, but ever my friend.
You have become an integral part of my life
and I thank you for your friendship.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey