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Have you ever stopped to "smell the flowers"
-to reflect on how lucky we are
To observe the wonders of nature
-watch a shooting star

Have you stopped at a stream while just "taking a ride"
-sat and watched the tadpoles swim
Watch the minnows dart back and forth in their play
with the sunlight sparkling like gems

Have you ever stopped for ice cream
at an old-fashioned country store
Bought Mary Jane candy, and chocolate "Kits"--
Things you don't see anymore

Will you show your child a field full of cows
with the horses grazing nearby
Will you join in her laughter for just being free
--no schedules with which to comply

Get away from the chores that burden your life
and for once, forget they exist
Get close to nature, to God's creation
and you won't regret what you've missed.

Watch the butterflies in happy flight
Look at the colors they display
Appreciate this God-given earth's own pleasures
If only for a day

Too soon, reality will force you back
to daily routine and chores
Take this moment to savor the free things in life
Open earth's beckoning doors

There's satisfaction in knowing that it's there for you
whenever you have the chance
Take advantage of all it has to offer
Don't just give it a passing glance

Live with knowing there are many green pastures
and rippling streams that invite
--Enjoy the gifts you have been given
Because it's your God-given right

All Rights Reserved~Kacey



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Bluebonnet flowers photographed in the great state of Texas by Moon And Back Graphics!

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