Every child has a right to be born
and a right to live peacefully
Every child has a right to laugh
~to love and to live and to be

Every child has a right to sleep
free from frightening tears
to dream of good things like lollipops and fun
to never have worries and fears

Every child should be allowed to voice
their feelings, whether good or bad
and every child should be cuddled and hugged
and never have to be sad

Every child should be able to play
in their own backyards without fear
~of human monsters who threaten each day
of their God given childhood so dear

Every child needs to know they are special
to have confidence, respect and esteem
to be able to walk, with head held high
to be able to follow their dreams

God give the children this right to experience
this wonderful gift they are given
to live it with gusto, delight and laughter
and too many blessings to mention

All Rights Reserved--Kacey-

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