I loved to go to Grandpa's place
I'd spend my summers there
He let me sleep in his big bed
and read in his big chair

We read, we talked, we sang a lot
and sometimes we'd go fishing
When Mom asked me to make a wish
She knew what I'd be wishin'!

Grandpa told me tales of dragons
and of Knights in olden days
He talked about his childhood
of places he would play

He had an old red wagon
pretended it was a car
He'd get that motor runnin'
and though he didn't get too far~~

To hear him talk, he traveled to
so many different places
to funny towns made up of clowns
with painted, checkered faces.
To snow covered valleys and hot desert land
His imagination had no end
and I know that everywhere he went
My Grandpa made a friend.

He'd tell me bedtime stories
and not get mad when asked for more
He'd sneak me lots of cookies
then he'd shut the bedroom door
so Grandma couldn't see us
because she'd yell and shake her fingers
but we made those memories, we did
~~and to this day they linger.

I wish that every boy could have
someone like my Grandpa
I love you, Grandpa and I see
you in an evening star
You're riding on the Milky Way
with twinkling lights just draggin'
and I see an Angel right behind
Pullin' that red wagon!

~ Kacey-All rights reserved



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