What do you say when a child is abused
How can you tell them they have been used
to satisfy urges that are sick and insane
How do you tell them they won't be the same?

How do you explain that not everyone is good
When you have tried to teach them they really should
be nice to others, and they'll be rewarded
but some people's minds may be twisted and sordid

How do you raise them to be decent and fair
when there are despicable happenings everywhere

How do you keep the sparkle in their eyes
once they have been subjected to lies

How do you expect them to run and to play
with threats of harm, sometimes just yards away
See how the nightmares come in the night
results of anger, mistrust and fright

When films are rated "PG"
but still have that "F" word that's so plain to see
How do you tell them to just look away
forget the foul language
It's just day to day

What is on their minds day and night
when safety and protection seem so far out of sight
We need security in schools so kids won't be shot
because somewhere out there are kids love forgot

When do we relax, is there ever a chance
How do we walk without backward glance
Always on guard, always watching for crime
How we long to go back to that safer time
when you could send your children out to play
without fear of them being taken away

Why do some judges allow predators full rein
with a slap on the wrist and a license to harm again

We lift up our eyes to our God above
and we ask Him, in His mercy
to bring back the love
to a world that's gone crazy
where children have to pay
~Better lift up your eyes
Better do it today!

All Rights Reserved-Kacey


Child Abuse Help--please read!

American Professional Society For The Abuse of Children.

How To Handle Child Abuse


For every child who cries at night
Alone with shame and pain and fright
For every child who wants so much
To only feel a gentle touch
For the beaten child, who cries in pain
Whose tears run silent, like the rain

For the child used to satisfy lust
Who never learns to love or trust
For the child taken from her/his home
And made to feel so all alone
For the child whose home is just a shell
Where life becomes a living hell

For the child who smiles but cannot feel
Because of scars too deep to heal
For every child who yearns for love
I hope and pray to God above
To hear your cries and heal your pain
And give you back your life again Author Unknown

Every child is entitled to hold up his head
--not in haughtiness or pride
but in confidence and security.

Dr. James Dobson--"Hide and Seek".