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In memory of my sister, Nina
~who passed away on Monday, March 3, 2003

I will remember the sister who
taught me when I was only eight years old
a bit of our history

She took me to see the Home Of The Unknown Soldier (I remember thinking how handsome the Honor Guard looked)
~~the men who had the awesome task of guarding the Unknown Soldier's Tomb).
~In their reverance they paid tribute
to the unknown soldiers lost-somehow making up for the fact that
no one knew the identity of these soldiers.

Nina took me to the National Gallery Of Art, The Capitol Building and the Washington Monument
(we climbed the stairs part of the way)

We saw the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials
and The Smithsonian Institution.

We always had lunch at the
Woodward And Lothrup Tea Room~
she was not a lover of fast food places.
Nina always wore white gloves and a hat. I wish we could see more of white gloves and hats today.
Sometimes I feel we are too casual a society..*S*

We visited Lee Mansion and other historical interests in DC.
My favorite place was The Botanical Gardens~
I have never forgotten those beautiful flowers

She was an avid reader and
wrote so beautifully that she was offered
the chance to write a weekly column for the local newspaper.

She had many articles published
in the Washington Times-Herald newspaper.

She admired the columnist James Kilpatrick very much and
had a chance to meet him when she lived in Richmond, VA.
She instilled in me my love of writing poetry
and I am forever grateful to her.


Nina, as I prefer to remember her.

She soars with the Angels now
to Heaven's bright light
another brilliant star to light up the night
~another gentle soul to sit at God's throne
who is so deserving to be one of His own

The sister who was there in the midst of depression
who forced me to laugh with her funny expressions
~who gave me the silly name of Button Nose
and who's perfume was the scent
of a sweet smelling rose

She loved her sons with a fierce, unending love
and sacrificed much because she knew that above
was a glorious God whose love matched her own
The God who now welcomes her to sit by His throne.

Someone dies, a baby is born
Life's cycle continues on
We're here only on loan from a gracious God
and only He knows when we will be gone

My sister died as she lived everyday
quietly and gently she passed
She prayed to one day be an Angel of God
Her prayers have been answered at last.

How I will miss you, Nina~~Godspeed, my darling sister.

All Rights Reserved~~Kacey

Nina rests now at Arlington Cemetery with her husband, Major Allen Fischer.

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