Kacey's Corner-Who Gives A Hoot


Does anyone care when you're lonely or tired
and your days seem endless and blue
when no one calls to see how you are
or comes by to check on you

Does the time drag by like a slow little stream
and the clock never seems to move
when morning and nighttime seem as one
and your heart is crying to be loved

Look up, listen for Him, he's calling to you
and telling you He's always there
He sees your unhappiness, will not let you down
Feel His presence everywhere

Get up, shake off that gloom
start moving, get up and go
God walks with you, every step of the way
and it's so good to know
that compared to some, your troubles are few
and the tunnel has a light at the end
God will heal you and give you sweet peace
Just trust in Him, my friend.