How I wish I could go back in time
to my carefree childhood days
No cares, no worries, just having fun
with those simple, innocent ways

Watching my Dad smoke his pipe on the porch
and Mama resting for awhile
With my beloved sisters both nearby
brings a wistful smile

Climbing trees with my brothers
and wading in the creek
Playing games like Kick The Can and
the favorite Hide and Seek

Playing in leaves that covered the ground
in Autumn's crisp, cool air
Sled riding down the hill in the yard
After snow covered everything there

Knowing my beautiful Mom was always there
with her never ending love
serving hot chocolate with marshmallows after
heated on an old fashioned stove

God, please don't take my memories away
Let me always be aware
of my wonderful, happy childhood days
with the pure love that filled my heart there.





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