She waved goodbye to her only child
as he went off to college
Where he'd once come in for lemonade
~his thirst was now for knowledge

His manly grace and confident air
belied his anxious mind
His first venture in the outside world
So unsure of what he'd find

She thought back to his childhood days
when on one sunny day
he went into the garden
and picked a small bouquet

He shyly went up to the house
with bashful head hung low
Would she think he was a sissy
no, but how was he to know
she'd keep this picture in her mind
for years and years from then
a bashful Son in blue jeans
flashing a childish grin

He spoke so softly she barely heard
I love you, Mom~~I do
~I wasn't busy so I thought
I'd pick some flowers for you

She felt the tears come slowly
but she wouldn't let him see
She hugged him oh so tightly
her boy--this man to be

She shook her head in reality
and put the past at rest
From a little boy to manhood
She knew she'd done her best

She kissed his cheek and smiled at him
and then she waved her hand
to the little boy who brought her flowers
Who so quickly became a man

All rights reserved-Kacey,


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The Painting:

The painting is ?Paula Vaughan and used with her permission.
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