Here comes another rainy day, my friend
I feel your depression and pain
I promise there'll be bright skies soon for you
and rainbows after the rain.

You've been there for me so many times
brought me through times that were bad
Without your help, I wouldn't have made it
~when I was worried, troubled and sad

Now you need me and I am here
so get those feelings out
My shoulders are broad and welcoming
That's what friendship is all about

Talk to me and I will listen
even if it takes all day
As long as you need me here, my friend
I'll never go away

When days are dreary and your body, weary
and there seems to be no hope
I'll sit by your side and hold your hand
and together, we will cope

You'd never let me down, I know
and now it is my time
to share your troubles, big or small
as you would gladly share mine

So cry it out and when you're done
The world will seem much brighter
I'll be here for you anytime
to make your burdens lighter

Good friends are we and to the very end
~we'll share our tears and laughter
Be of peace now, I am here with you
and will be forever after

When happy days are yours again
We'll laugh together, you'll see
Why do I do this for you, my friend?
Because you'd do the same for me

There'll be time for having no more blues
but for now, I'll share your sorrow
after darkness, there is always dawn
and a carefree, bright tomorrow.

Rights Reserved~~Kacey

For the many cyberfriends I have never met
but who have been there for me.
I am truly grateful and so blessed to have your friendship.

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