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Hello and welcome back to Kacey's Corner.

I have so many dear friends on the internet
and this is for you all.
You know who you are.
We share jokes, grief, anger and delicious gossip-!

I can assure you it is innocent gossip!
We do not say mean things about anyone!
(Well, we do vent at times)! **LOL**

I can truthfully say that my cyberfriends are among my best friends!

I have another page for my cyberfriends HERE! -Blue Mountain Arts winner

To My Granddaughter poem was a third place
winning poem--out of tens of thousands to be among the winners.

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I can be sad and so tired
With today's news and such
But my friends keep me laughing
They don't have to do much!

If I get email with a familiar "reply".
I can see storm clouds turn to sun in the sky.

If I'm sick and can hardly make it that day
They know of my pain and send laughter my way.

If I need help and support where do I go?
To the one place in my house that will cheer me, I know.

The computer seems to know when I need some cheer
and it takes me to friendships, year after year.

They're the unofficial support group
With smiles, tears and jokes
They range in age from 10 to some pretty old folks!

Age doesn't matter with my friends and me
We can bond in a short time
and it's easy to see
the virtual person who makes my day
~with compassion and laughter
will be there for me.

Rights Reserved-Kacey

You know who you are..
There are too many to name!
I love you all dearly.

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