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She's the young generation with beauty so fair
With clear smooth skin and lustrous hair.
She lives for the moment
free from worries and care.

The more mature woman sees life in a way
that makes her aware of more than today

Like a butterfly coming out of it's cocoon
a beautiful creature emerges-was it so soon?

She learns responsibility and caring
She's not so carefree, not so daring.

The years come and go
~she's a Mother at last
With babes of her own
~seems it happened so fast

Now, she's a Grandmother and so proud to be
Contentedly reading while they sit on her knee.

She observes each one as they steadily grow
~from cocoon to butterfly
~eventually, they will go

Could she already be Great-Grandmother?
She smiles to herself
~looks at her picture on the mantle shelf

Where is that charmer she used to be?
Where are the little ones
she longs so to see?

Don't they know how she misses them?
Her days are so long
Can't they come for a little while
~Would that be so wrong?

Why do they not come to see
the tired, wrinkled woman
she vowed not to be.

Ah, but time has a way
of getting the last laugh
She can see how she's aged
in each photograph

Generation after generation
days, months and years
Many years with laughter
~but a few years with tears

Life's cycle has completed
~Memories grow dimmer each day
Like caterpillar to butterfly
She'll soon fly away.

Rights Reserved-Kacey

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