I sit here all cozy and warm as can be
My furniture's comfy-my house pretty to see
I have plenty of food and goodies galore
but such is human nature
-I only want more.

My lawn has already been prepared for Spring
I guess you might say that I don't need a thing
I'll have lovely flowers from today's little seeds
(But what about my sisters and brothers in need?)

I can go to a movie, free to visit friends
When it comes to my freedom
it seems there's no end
I can drive to the country and explore there about
(But what about those who are doing without?)

small flower
I can browse through the book store
-read whatever I choose
-fiction, biographies, catch up on the news
I can sip a cup of coffee, have a pastry or two
(But what about the children who don't even have shoes?)

I can write to my best friend in another state
or I can email her now if I'm too impatient to wait
I can turn on TV--see what's happening today
(but what about those whose freedom has been taken away?)

I can complain when I want and I frequently do
Not stopping to think there are so many who
are starving and dying from lack of care
(what does it take for us to care?)

small flower
I can dress up for dinner
eat gourmet foods and be gay
If I fill up too soon
-I'll just throw it away
I can turn up my nose if it's not cooked just right
(But what about the babies, crying for food tonight?)

I bathe in my bubble bath
all covered with foam
When so many are suffering
-even close to my home

The luxuries are mine--that is for today
But tomorrow they could all be taken away

I will pray for compassion
to feel what some are feeling
without hope or promise
and no way of healing

small flower

I can "look the other way", forget it's my problem too
and just go on from day to day
do what I want to do
God help me realize that pain's everywhere
-and I can make a difference
in all this despair

I can give of myself wherever help is needed
Listen to the less fortunate
be aware and take heed
I can learn with God's help to stop thinking about ME
Then I'll be the person I really want to be

All rights reserved~~Kacey

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