Merry Christmas to all my visitors and if you do not
celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays to you all.

God knows we are frightened and our worries are so real
We must keep Christmas in our hearts-no matter how we feel.

Don't let the non-believers bring you down
There are many more believers
Just take a look around.

They have a right to their beliefs, yes
but so do we believe
To deny that Christ was born that night
is only to deceive.

Gaze into a baby's eyes
~observe the gentle deer
In spring, watch those flowers as they bud
Does this magic just appear?

Christmas is a part of my life
just as the air I breathe
I was taught that Jesus was born that day
and I still believe
I turn off the lights in the dark of the night
sit and gaze at this beautiful tree
and listen to the carols that for so many years
have brought total serenity to me

I could no more ignore it~~
this most wonderful Holy Season
than I could turn my back on my loved ones
Jesus is the reason!

How can you explain that North Star
~the brightest of all stars
There were wise men, Kings and shepherds
guided from afar.

I will cherish my beliefs
without insisting others do the same
Since the Holy Christ Child came to save
I'll celebrate Christmas in His name.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey