Hello Santa..do you see me here?
Puttin' my letter in the box to you for this year
It's not the usual requests I send
and here I am, just your little friend

I have so many toys and so many clothes
and how many electronics-
gosh, nobody knows!

I watch TV and I see all these kids
who don't even have food and
thought maybe if I did
send you a letter and ask
you to stop
off at their houses
and a few toys drop?

Maybe add some clothes for them to wear to school
At my school, following fashion is the rule
but they would be happy to have something new
so how about it, Santa?
Is this something you could do?

Please don't forget about their Mom and Dad
and maybe leave a ham?
Lots of bread and veggies and maybe some tasty yams?

Maybe even give them a little Christmas surprise
-some earrings for the Mom and for Dad some brand new ties.

I feel so happy Santa Claus,
and I know Mom and Dad will too
that their daughter, for a change
is making someone else's dreams come true.

I'm puttin' this important letter
in the mailbox just for you
Merry Christmas, dearest Santa, and to
all your reindeer too!

You've given me so many things
and been so good to me each year
It's time to let you know
I can show my gratitude this year.

By the way, say hello to your elves
with the cute little shoes and socks
and ask them to be careful
takin' my letter from this box!

Rights Reserved-Kacey

Stunning graphics, Shari..thank you!



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