I watched as you aged and felt so much sorrow
for the strong, able man you'd been
The years were closing in on you
The man who was my best friend

Where once you stood so proud and tall
You now were bent and broken
The beautiful words which flowed so easily
Now hesitant and unclear when spoken

There'd be no more rocking me on your knee
No more first days of school
No more putting up with teens
who ignored you, playing it cool.

No more proudly escorting your girls
to the arms of another man
No more beaming at that first Grandchild
-building castles with her in the sand

No more looking at prom pictures
-and bragging to anyone who'd listen
Telling them how cute she was as a baby
-did I see those eyes of yours glisten?

It's time to rest now, Dad
It's time to say goodbye
Just lay your silver head down
and close your weary eyes

You're going to a golden city
and you'll be walking straight and tall
No more searching for your words
No more memories you can't recall

Thank you, Dad, for all your love
unconditional and so true
I'm so glad when God chose a Dad for me
He picked wonderful,loving you.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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