Why are you sad, my Jesus?
Your eyes covered with your hand
Are you giving up on us
-sinning mortals throughout the land?

Are you weary and tired of trying
to make your message known?
Are you angry and so frustrated
of having to go it alone?

Do you see the corruption, greed and lust
that so many seem to crave
Is it hard to find enough people
who are honest, just and brave?

Are you ready to call it quits
so at last you can rest yourself
Since some have forgotten that you died for us
-ignoring those Bibles on the shelf?


Have you appealed to us to sin no more
until you're so depressed
-thinking of taking the few followers home with you
and forgetting about the rest?

Do you feel it's time for trumpet's blow
because you cannot bear
the thought you might have died in vain
and we just don't seem to care?

Don't give up on us, dear Jesus
A little more time may make us see
that if we change our sinful, careless ways
Your precious face we'll see.

Give us more time to repent, dear Jesus
-time to realize
that most material things we crave
are foolish in your eyes.

And when Judgement Day's upon us
if we've changed our selfish ways
-those sad and tired, tearful eyes
will open up and gaze
upon this world and you can smile
Then maybe you'll be proud of us-
No longer your wayward child.

Right Reserved-Kacey's Corner




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