If you reload twice, the bunny juggling
will juggle faster!! Please check out my 3 bunny gifts
from my friend, cute!
Also, a beautiful egg from my friend, Brenda..

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny went out for a stroll one day

They had lots of baskets to fill and would soon be on their way!

If these bunnies look lovey-dovey, I know just why it's so

I saw them kissing each other, just a few minutes ago!
~~(Don't tell!)

They saw a bunny juggling Easter eggs~so silly!

And crazy bunnies dancing willy-nilly!

They even saw a bunny with bobbing head-golly, is that drastic!

They wondered if he was nervous
but they didn't have time to ask it!

Now, why on earth would a baby chick
be dressed in fancy clothes???

It's certainly not what you'd normally see, Heaven knows!

Well, good gracious, little bunny~~we are so surprised!

Showing off like that right before our eyes!

Well, there is Peter Rabbit! Seems he dropped a bunch of eggs!

These kittens are looking at the babies, on their spindly legs!

They look like they have just been born!
Or should we say "just hatched"?
anyway, I see some eggs that definitely are cracked!

Did you EVER see an egg so large
that kids can get up on it?

Well, they are surely on top of that Easter egg, doggone it!

Well, it looks like Mr.and Mrs. Bunny are back now

and they left a lot of eggs--oh, wow!

I hope all you kids are happy
with what the bunny brings to you.

So it's time to say goodbye now..

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The four graphics below were made for me by
my very dear internet friends, Laura and Brenda..



Laura and Brenda, thank you so very much!