Happy Easter, that your Heavenly face I see?
It was a favorite time for you
~an exciting time for me.

I remember Easter at our home
~ dressed up in my new clothes
~My favorite-a blue dotted swiss
~ with one tiny crocheted rose.

New white Mary Janes on my feet
with matching gloves and hat
Only one thing in my safe, little world
could thrill me more than that.

Just thinking of my Easter basket
sent chills right up my spine
~the chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks
~and all of this was mine.

With many kids and mouths to feed
candy was so rare
But somehow, Mama, when Easter came
there was candy, with lots to spare.

There were bunnies, chicks and colored eggs
and fake green grass galore
You made it special, Mama, no one could ask for more.

I remember watching you in your Easter dress
~joining others in the choir
~singing of how Jesus rolled the stone away
~and toward Heaven, rose higher and higher.

Look down here on your children, Mama
~see how we celebrate today
with pretty dresses and Mary Janes
-just watch those Great-Grandchildren play!

But look! There is a mystery egg!
With an Angel's face we see
I know you put it there, Mama~~
I knew you were smiling down on me!

(I miss you, Mama, more and more each day)

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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