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I dressed them in their Easter clothes
so beautiful to see
with Mary Jane shoes and pretty Spring hats
so very precious to me

If I had known they would grow so fast
I'd have treasured each smile on their face
How was I to know that time would
take them from my warm embrace

I thought I'd have forever
till they would be grown and go away
I forgot that it was inevitable
they would leave my side someday

I curled their hair and smoothed their dresses
and put on their lily white gloves
Everything was picture perfect
~with my little lady loves

They began their Easter hunt
Big sis leading little
When they'd find those eggs what joy it was
to hear their childish giggles.

With chocolate bunnies in their baskets
and more upon their faces
it seemed that they were lacking
in all the social graces

Pretty pictures of that happy time
are all that I have now
When I look them over carefully
I seem to see somehow
my little girls with tossing curls
hunting eggs with childhood glee
I know that I will have forever
those precious memories

This Easter, dressing their little ones
I wonder if they remember
how those little girls of springtime May
so quickly grew into December.

Do not hurry their special childhood days
do not wish that they were grown
How my little girls enriched my life
~such happiness I've never known

All rights reserved-Kacey

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