God's presence is felt-on Easter morning
His Holiness fills the air
~it covers the earth, like the crispness of fall
~in the quiet, you will feel it everywhere.

He watches the children with their Easter treasures
~so innocent, so loving, absorbed in their fun
Free of sin, no worries or cares
He loves them, each and everyone.

He can see all the people, dressed in their best
and He can see inside their soul
He knows who is genuine and who is not
and He monitors their lives, young and old.

He arose on this day~rolled the stone from the tomb
and He came back to save us all
So much sacrifice on His part
He gave His life, His all

As pure as the Easter Lily
~beautiful, traditional flower
He only asks our commitment
every day, every hour.

On this Holy Day of Easter
We cannot forget it ever
He is our hope in a troubled world
~and He will forsake us never

Kacey--All rights reserved

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