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My Grandpa took me fishing
because my Daddy had to go
My Mom told me he went to war
and she's right, I know

He went to fight for freedom
So I would never be
living with fear and being scared
of bad things happening to me.

It made my Mom unhappy
but she said he had to go
to defend our way of life
although she knew we'd miss him so

Now Grandpa takes me places
to sorta make up for my Dad
and although I love my Grandpa
it really makes me sad
that bad guys want to hurt us
and won't leave us alone
and I don't know now just when
my Dad will be coming home

I say my prayers to God each night
that Daddy will come home
and when Grandpa takes me fishing
I know we're not alone

Grandpa makes me laugh sometimes
That gramps sure has a way!
God bless my Grandpa for his love
and for that fish I caught today!

All rights reserved~Kacey

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