We love Halloween Kids!

Let's light so the kids can see their way!

Welcome to my tacky Halloween candy page!
Candy is my weakness and I get
yelled at by my doctor each time I go!
I would say I am addicted to candy-especially Tootsie Pops!
Now, how many adult women are addicted to something like that???? **LOL**

This page looks yummy to me..I could reach right out
and grab a few pieces!

This little scarecrow is reminding you
that this is the month for TRICK OR TREAT!

Bring on the Trick or Treat basket
Put it on my stairs
I'll bring it in my house and then ignore my hubby's stares.
He's always telling me to cut out the sweets and stuff
It's true and I'll admit it, I can't seem to get enough.

Can you imagine someone my age (I ain't tellin')
Just devouring Tootsie Pops
I'm sorry to say to you today
The craving never stops

If I didn't walk and exercise
~go for swimming twice a week
I'd be big as an elephant
with chubby squirrel-like cheeks

Chocolate makes me salivate
and bon bons do the same
Butterfingers are to die for
~I just might do that..what a shame!

I must simply stop the eating
of these fatty little pieces
Now, I'll end my story
and go get my goody Reeses!

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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