Heartbeats For My Soldier

I hear your voice, hear you call my name
A sound that is so sweet
It echos through my mind
with every little heart beat.

Although you are not here with me
I hear you loud and clear
I close my eyes and I imagine
that today you're with me here

Just the thought of you makes my heart beat faster
and I feel your lips on mine
Since you are fighting for me so far away
I'll just send a Valentine

I've put part of my heart in it
with it's steady beating
Put the card close to your heart
-my love filled special greeting

Our two hearts will beat together
and until you're home again
My heart will know that part of it
is in this Valentine I send.

Rights Reserved-Kacey (ANNE SHANHOLTZ)

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I'll Walk Alone

I'll walk alone-because to tell you the truth, I'll be lonely
I don't mind being lonely
When my heart tells me you are lonely, too

I'll walk alone, they'll ask me why and I'll tell them I'd rather
There are dreams I must gather
Dreams we fashioned the night you held me tight

I'll always be near you wherever you are
each night In every prayer
If you call I'll hear you, no matter how far
Just close your eyes and I'll be there

Please walk alone and send your love and your kisses to guide me
Till you're walking beside me, I'll walk alone

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