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Dear Lord, I know of miracles you have performed
Unbelievable things you've done
I know you rose to live again
Death's battle bravely won

Turned water into wine at Cana
Walked on water in the sea of Galilee
Fed thousands from five loaves of bread
and two small fish I see

So many others I could name
but I need to ask you now
Please hear my plea, dear Jesus
as my head I humbly bow

This world is in so much trouble
filled with hate and hypocrisy
I really need a miracle
If you're looking down, you'll see

There's greed, hate and deceit everywhere
it's more than I can bear
fear permeating my mind
filling my heart with utter despair

So, please, Lord, perform a miracle
and give us peace a long time due
I know that you can do it
Just another miracle to you!

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