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Valentine Love


There are all kinds of love we are capable of
The love of a Mother, undying love
The love for a child, though crippled or maimed
Fierce devotion unending burns like a flame
The endless protecting, the nights of despair
but through all the frustration
the love is still there.

The very first love in a young girl's life~~
The love that a husband feels for his wife

The love of parents~so proud of their Son
who fights unseen enemies
but would never run
away from his duties of defending this land
~Who enlists as a boy and comes home a man

There's the love for country
patriotic and proud
although our traditions
aren't always allowed
~we struggle to make sense of it all
but in the midst of criticism
we are still standing tall

There is love in our Churches
though not free from sin
~still a yearning, an aching for God to come in

The love of a good friend
though she sometimes may bore you
~in sickness and heartache
she's always there for you

So many kinds of real love
that time cannot erase
That no one or nothing
could ever replace

Romantic love is beautiful
but only one of it's kind
and the love of God
is like none you will find.

Such a love, unconditional and lasting
can be yours and mine for only the asking
The sweetest love you'll ever know
is right there waiting~don't let it go

All rights reserved-Kacey

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