My Daddy was a carpenter
whose hands were red and rough
He worked hard to make a living
which never seemed to be enough

On weekends he'd tend the garden
he'd planted early in the morn
~weekdays he'd have a hearty breakfast
and by seven he'd be gone

My Mom never had a minute
to think about herself
~with many kids and all their needs
Her needs were put on the shelf

Dad was not affectionate
~kept his feelings all inside
He showed his love in other ways
~but taught us to have pride

Have pride in who we were
although we lacked material things
~to stand up for what we believed in
~together, to meet head-on what life brings

Some say my Dad was "blue collar"
But that really wasn't bad
~Jesus was a carpenter
Jesus and my Dad.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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