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Kacey's Corner-My Valentine

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For My Valentine

Have I ever told you what you are
to me in every way
I'm a frightened child of darkness
You are my light of day

Like a bird who's wings are clipped and torn
but mends to fly once more
You lift me up and touch my heart
and make my spirits soar.

You take me to exotic places
~places in my mind
where love and joy are everywhere
and cares are left behind

You ask for nothing in return
but do you really know
you are my rock,my everything
~sometimes it scares me so.

What would I do without your love
How could I ever cope?
Would I be lost and saddened
would I have reason then to hope?

Or can I just dream on and on
and pray that you will be
My darling, my soulmate, my Valentine
For now and eternity

The one who keeps me going
when sometimes I want to quit
The one who knows my thoughts and dreams
and doesn't mind a bit
when I'm moody, and I'm selfish
and a little less than nice
~who gives me time to change my ways
~who sometimes pays the price

I want to change for you, my love
to return a love so pure
that despite my imperfections
~I know will still endure

I pray to be worthy of the love
you so generously give to me
I pledge to you that someday soon
that's what I intend to be.

From the bottom of my heart-I love you.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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