Kacey's Corner ...Remembering




Ah, how I remember romantic nights
of wine and Valentines
Chocolates and flowers were mine to enjoy
Elegantly dressed to the "nines"

He took me to the finest places
to dine and then to dance
His eyes told me he loved me
With each admiring glance

He won my heart and asked for my hand
I knew this was my fate
I knew this man before me
was to be my real soul mate.

We married, raised a family and had to settle down
TV nights and popcorn took the place of nights on the town

Do I miss the wine and dancing
-the nights of pure romance?
Do I miss the fancy hairdos and the heady, clinging dance?

I would not trade for anything the little boxes of lace
I help my girls make on Valentine's Day
and the excitement on their face

I may spend some time remembering
the magic of those days
But my life is just about perfect now
in oh, so many ways

I live a life of quiet joy
with a family I adore
and the boy gives me chocolates and Valentines
Could I ask for anything more?

Rights reserved-Kacey

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