Happy Father's Day, Soldier

You think of your children
as this child dies in your arms
You are willing to give your life
to keep them from harm

For the Dads who are far away from home
It's just another day and you feel alone
You're not forgotten by your children and wives
who know you're fighting to save their lives

We must pause and think of the sacrifice you're making
and the tremendous risks you're undertaking
There will be no picnics, no parties for you
-no presents and good wishes for you to look through

Your children wonder why Dad is away
-still, they kneel at night and with Mom they pray
These prayers are repeated all over the world
-Makes no difference which flag is unfurled

You settle for pictures to see how they grow
Their first day of school passes by
but you know
you'd be right there taking them to the bus
holding back tears and making a fuss

There is no time for worry
the enemy is near
Your mind has to be clear
-this is no time for fear

Come home soon, Soldier
After you've given your best
Be with your family and friends
It'll be time then to rest

One day, there will be no wars
-no taking you away
We love you and we're grateful
On this Father's Day




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