Go often to the house of your friend,
for weeds choke up the unused path




My Grandpa used to tell me
about his favorite time of year
When the air was full of fall's aroma
and falling leaves appear

Grandpa would drive his family
in a buggy to their Church
over bumpy roads and pretty little bridges
holding tight when it would lurch!

On Halloween, the kids got candy
in pretty little totes
They had costume plays where they could dress
like skeletons, witches and ghosts!

Thanksgiving was a joyful time
and the pastor's words rang clear
That it was the time to thank the Lord
For all blessings of the year.

With turkey and all the trimmings
baking in the oven now
Grandpa would say "If there is a perfect day
it is this one, here and now".

Their children waved to friends nearby
with one thought on their minds
If Thanksgiving day is here so soon
Christmas won't be far behind!

Soon Grandpa will take them to cut the tree
Maybe there'll be snow
The buggy will be in the shed
and in the sleigh they'll go!

The children will hang the homemade stars
and pretty little bows
and wonder what will be under the tree
but only Santa knows!

Spring is nice with lovely flowers
and summer's days are fine
but the beautiful days of autumn
were Grandpa's favorites (and mine!)

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