Today I want to thank you, Lord for oh so many things-
the joy and satisfaction that having a family brings.

I know the way things are today
-we're afraid to look ahead
but instead of giving in to fear
I choose to give thanks instead.

Fear is crippling and worry, a sin
since God tells us to put all our worries on Him.
He knows how to handle them
when things get too grim.

I was confused and bitter and I'll admit I did not
know where to turn and I didn't smile a lot-
till I realized the Lord is the best friend I've got.

He has been by my side in my most trying days
and He's shown his loyalty in so many ways.

I give thanks for His guidance
-so I don't go astray
I pray this world will be safer as we start a new day
and when my work day is over-when it's time then to rest
I'll give thanks to him for everything and I'll give it my best.


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