Mama's Thanksgivings were magic days
when she displayed her magic ways
of filling our house with holiday joy
and extra love for each girl and boy

The tablecloth was starched and white
The good China and silver-my Mom's delight
-used only for special times like this
and pies surely made from an Angel's kiss

There was lemon meringue piled so high
that we couldn't wait to eat
and always the traditional pumpkin pie
with homemade whipped cream so sweet

The house was spotless, the radio on
with lovely old Thanksgiving songs
And knowing Christmas was on the way
made things all the more special on this day.

With turkey and stuffing delectable and delicious
Mama "served it up" on those China dishes

The huge turkey claimed the center of our table
and Mama filled our plates since we weren't able
to reach to a table that seated ten
-making sure everyone ate together back then.

Mama had few material things to give
but in our hearts we were always aware
That our greatest gift on earth was right there
-a most precious person, filling Mama's chair!

All Rights Reserved-Kacey

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