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I wondered if I'd really want
to celebrate this year
with the world in so much turmoil
and threats from far and near

I wondered why our time on earth
couldn't be carefree
But was this the situation
when Jesus died for me?

He gave His life so I could live
but He didn't guarantee
there would not be tears or sorrow
or a price for being free

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks
~for friends and family dear
~for health and love and shelter
that surrounds us--although fear
sometimes consumes our minds
~~we have to hold on tight
and put our faith in the loving God
and trust Him to make things right


So give Him all your troubles
your problems big or small
Just put your mind at rest today
and let Him handle all

Gather with your family
Feast on turkey and the rest
Throw in some joyous laughter
with those you love the best

And when this day is over
let's make a vow to be
what God would want from all of us
-To seek eternity

Can we honestly try to change our lives
Back away from years of neglect
Can we give ourselves to Jesus
Is it too much to expect?

I want to make my goal this year
to be what I can be
So that when my time on earth is through
My God will welcome me.


May your Thanksgiving be a glorious one
but never forget lives that were lost
Those who died to keep us free
as Jesus did on that cross

Let him give you unconditional peace
No restrictions, nothing to pay
This Thanksgiving take Him into your home
He's only a prayer away

All rights reserved ~~Kacey


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