Well, looks like it's time to go to work
Soon it's Easter Day
Gotta get ready for all my kids
Got my eggs all stashed away

Just look at all these colors
Whew! What a job I had with these
Wanted to make sure they were perfect
For all my little ones, if you please!

These pesky little chicks resent me, seems to me
Guess they feel these eggs are theirs
Guess they have a right to be

But I'm the one who did the work
and I'm the one who'll deliver
these beauties to all my favorite kids
Oh! The thrill just makes me shiver!

I can just see the smiles on all their faces
when on Easter Morn they see
their baskets with these pretty eggs
colored by little old me!

So Happy Easter, all you kids
I'll be peeking when you look
and the happiness I've brought
Well, my gosh, it'd fill a book!

Guess Mom and Dad will add the eggs
along with jelly eggs
and chocolate bunnies along with those
OHHH-I'll cringe when you bite that leg!

Just kidding, kids, have a happy day
Hide your eggs everywhere
and if you look real hard that day
You just might find me peeking there!

Rights Reserved-Kacey

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