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For the Dads who sacrifice above and beyond
Who never complain though times may be hard
For being everyday hero to those who love you
Those who put no one above you

For the Dads who struggle to make ends meet
weary and bone tired after their day
~for those whose life is a little bit easier
but who are protecting and caring day after day.

For the new Dads who don't feel quite sure
they're up to the awesome task ahead
who wonder what the world will be for their children
~something to look forward to or something to dread

For divorced Dads who by circumstance will
lose a part of their heart and soul
with the possibility of someone taking their place
~where is this little child
he now longs to hold

For the Dads sharing custody~weekends and holidays
who maybe miss that first step or that grown-up prom dress.
Who have only silent photos to gaze upon
~and eventually visits become less and less

For devil-may-care Dads who laugh with their kids
relaxed and aware of examples they set
knowing that laughter and fun are remembered
much longer than sadness or regret

For Bill, Steven and Greg
near-perfect Dads, seeming to bear Angel's wings
~adoring their children and making each day
a bright carousel as they grab for the ring

For all of the Dads who will celebrate
this day set aside in tribute to them
~whether a sometime Dad, leader and mentor
in God's eyes each one a precious gem.

God bless you and Happy Father's Day.

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