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They nailed Him to a wooden cross
and crowned His head with thorns
Below his tortured body
His Mother Mary mourns

He never hated anyone, nor path of evil trod
They worshiped Him, this King of Kings
he was their Saviour God

Betrayed by those whom he had thought
to be among his friends.
He knew that his last meal
was the beginning of the end.

Judas took his life after he betrayed his friend.
For thirty pieces of silver, he regretted to the end.
He'd had no way of knowing Jesus would live again
That he'd come back in all his glory
and forgive us for our sins.

On Good Friday we observe his death upon that cross
Of all the losses they had known
His was their greatest loss.

In those last three hours of darkness with his agonizing pain
Do you think he ever realized that He would come back again?
"My God" He cried in anguished pain, "Why hast thou forsaken me"?
And the answer was to come so soon
His revenge was yet to be.

On Resurrection Sunday when He rolled the stone away
He triumphed over evil and He shows us now the way

The crucifix we carry with the image of him there
symbolizes the sacrifice He made for us--do we care?.
The empty cross without him means He triumphed over all
That His resurrection would be so sweet when we recall

The Easter Lily signifies a pure new life for us
If we will just accept it and put in Him our trust.
For all that He did sacrifice
and this was done for me
It is the least that I can do-because He set me free!

(all rights reserved)

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