If you love someone you say it
You say it right then out loud~
or the moment just passes you by.

Valentine's Love is a special love
a love that can be revealed
in a simple little card
with thoughts you've kept concealed

Time to show that special someone
what you've so much wanted to say
Let them know just how you feel
~and not let shyness get in the way

A special day only once a year
you don't feel shy to take the lead
of sending romantic words and thoughts
To show "He Is My Only Need"

A card that suggests romantic nights
sent to someone in your heart
and somewhere someone you send it to
is going to feel Cupid's dart!

Who knows what might develop
when he sees this card so sweet
I think he'll call
~wouldn't doubt at all
and wouldn't that be just NEAT?

All Rights Reserved-Kacey



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