If I lived alone, I would drink finest wine
and cherish each moment that was only mine

I would take my time dressing
apply makeup to perfection
there would be admirers from every direction

But I don't live alone so I drink sweetened tea
and seldom have time to think about me
There are no admirers since I have a spouse
who unfortunately likes to hang around the house

I would not be unfaithful, or do what I shant
but the things that I'd like to do
are things that I can't!

I would like to go shopping
and perhaps stay all day
not worry about dinner
maybe take in a play
but spouse just insists
that my cooking is far superior
to some old restaurant~~their cooking's inferior!

Oh sure, he's not the one cooking the meals
and of course, I'm not stupid
I can tell how he feels

He hates to spend money so why eat out?
After all, I'm doing the cooking
~~that's what it's about!

If I lived alone, I'd play music all day
I'd pack up the TV and throw it away
~~put soft, dreamy stuff on my stereo
and lounge back with red wine
and in my mind I'd go
to a far off castle
where I'm Queen of the House
With a King waiting on me
and no demanding spouse!

My looks would be stunning
my smile a real winner
and a servant would bring me
a real gourmet dinner.

I'd be dripping in diamonds
with lavish surroundings
and the power I would own
would be simply astounding!

I'd have young men all around me
waiting for my beck and call
and I'd have no reason to feel guilty at all

There are jewels everywhere
and they're the real thing
I see me in a tiara
and wearing a 6 carat ring!

If I lived alone
I would sleep until noon
~stay up way past midnight
just gazing at the moon

I'd take many trips to far away places
~~be well versed in all the social graces

Snap my fingers for my car
~tip the valet with twenties
because if I lived alone
the money would be plenty

Drag my mink coat along behind me
and rent a penthouse where no one could find me

Yep, I'd do these things
if I lived alone
but the dog's nagging me to give him a bone

Hubby wants dinner pretty soon or he'll die!
So I'll put on a roast and bake him a pie

I'll turn down his bed, leave his pillow just right
~~turn down my own bed
~turn in for the night

Tomorrow the routine starts over again
Sometimes I feel like I just can't win
Why can't I fly to Paris and leave behind a clone..
If only, if only I lived alone!





Painting By Penny Parker




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