Hello Lord-I didn't come to ask for anything
like I usually do.
This time, all I want to do
is have a talk with you

I'm wondering if you'd tell me, Lord
some things I'd like to know
If you'll do this one thing for me
-then, I'll be glad to go.

Like how you created all the things
in this massive earth below
-like waterfalls, and rivers and the ocean's endless flow.

How you made the sky so blue
-put a rainbow after rain to cheer us
-an awesome sight so far away
yet seems to be so near us

How you created flowers with heavenly scents
in Springtime's burst of bloom
that can brighten up a dreary day
and hide all hints of gloom

How the seasons come and go
with something beautiful each day
The fall of snow in winter
and autumns bright display.

Beautiful birds that sing and butterflies that flit for hours
cheerful chirping and gorgeous colors
as they fly among the flowers.

For creating all of nature
we so seldom thank you for
I don't see how any mortal soul
could ever ask for more

I have to go now-just wanted to show my gratitude to you
and to say I am in debt to you
for everything you do
I seldom ever mention it but I think it's time you knew.

I have so enjoyed my talk with you
and I thank you for seeing me
I'll be back again, same time, same place
There's no place I'd rather be.

All Rights Reserved-Poetry By Kacey


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