I hear you knocking at my door
My mind is so confused
Will your body be as when
you died-so battered and so bruised?
Will you look around my house
and see the shallowness?
Will you be hurt at my ignorance
I'm ignorant, I must confess
I don't know much about you
although I have been blessed.

If you ask me now to tell you
about God's Holy Word
I haven't much knowledge of this book
~Just things that I have heard

I could probably tell you all about
the latest Broadway play
but if you asked me to discuss your Book with you
I wouldn't know what to say.

I could offer you a cup of tea
and serve my special cake
You are the one who's always giving
~I only seem to take
~your goodness and your endless love
but give you nothing in return
Would you tell me how much I have hurt you
and that I have so much to learn?

Or would you offer me a second chance
If I should let you in the door
Could I convince you now I'm worthy
that I promise to sin no more?


Just come on in, my Jesus
and turn my soul around
take me in your loving arms
and I won't make a sound

You'll hear only my heart beating
as I stand in awe of you
Jesus, make yourself at home
I'm glad to welcome you.

Come on in and make me whole
My life is in your hands
~my body and my soul and your humble servant stand
ready to accept your love
as you erase my sins for good
How could I make you wait so long?
I see the bright light where you stood.

I'm sorry that I took so long
in opening the door
but when I thought of how you believed
that I was worth dying for
I couldn't let you stand out there
when you're yearning to come in
so be my guest, my Jesus
and then take with you my sins.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey