Jesus Take The Wheel

This car of life I'm driving, Lord
is on a slippery slope
I'm losing all control now
-losing faith and hope

If I can't gain back my control
-stop this dangerous speed
It'll be too late for you to help
It's you right now I need

I need you to clear the path ahead
so the Devil's not in my way
All around me he is creeping
-getting worse from day to day

I'm losing trust in leaders
-losing hope that I can win
This car of life is one big wreck
and needs repair for sin

I'm asking you to take the wheel
so I can let it go
-put it back on the right road
and put my cruise control on slow

Take me from this wreck I'm in
Shine my headlights so I can see
to avoid the fatal accident
that's right in front of me

So take this wheel from me, oh God
I'll be in the passenger seat
Drive till you decide my fate
between Salvation and defeat.