A new life with bliss we never have known
Beyond the sunset, Heaven awaits
God's reward for those who live by His word
Lies just beyond those gates

Life is a challenge with sorrow and strife
Some may accept Him too late
If we have the patience and love one another
For all of us, Heaven awaits.

Reunited with loved ones who have gone before
Getting rid of anger and hate
Knowing it's worth sacrifice on this side
Since on the other side, Heaven awaits.

God walks with us in laughter and pain
and only He knows the date
He'll reach out His arms and beckon us
to the City of Gold, where Heaven awaits.

Wars come and go, generations disappear
We are born and we die, this is fate
but each day we live, we can live in love
knowing somewhere Heaven awaits.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey