Today I saw a little girl
wheelchair bound but smiling
Her face was that of an Angel
~innocent but bequiling

It seemed goodness came right from her soul
She gave me a shy little nod
and when I saw this child today
I saw the face of God

A pretty black bunny, ears ever alert
feasted on weeds in my yard
and watching o'er it's furry, helpless body
I saw the face of God

I saw a woman~her yard full of tulips
~on spectacular display
and in each tulip, a symbol of hope
I saw God's face today.

I went to a funeral service
saw the young man who's friend had died
~gave the Pastor a solemn nod
and in his genuine, sympathetic smile
I saw the face of God

There was a sad young man, deep in prayer
~through the paths of hell he had trod
but even in his pain and anguish
I saw the face of God

I see a woman, soft and pretty
with eyes toward Heaven she prays
for her loved one's safe return from the war
and I know she can see God's face

A brown-skinned beautiful little girl
whose future is not guaranteed
~too young to realize now
how viciously hate can sow it's seed.

I will pray for her tonight that she never knows pain
~that for her, the world will be a better place
and when she looks for guidance
there'll be God's ever loving, ever-present face.

All Rights Reserved-Kacey