I Lift My Eyes

Oh Lord, I lift my eyes to you
I need some help down here
My mind is in a fog right now
and I need your presence near

I'm inundated with despair and full of so much doubt
I would really be in debt to you
If you'd try to help me out.

I've had my share of illness
and death seems everywhere
I'd like some sunshine in my life
Do you have a bit to spare?

I know my problems may be small
and deep within my heart
I would love to help all others
but I don't know where to start.

The problems span the universe
and the news is never good
I have so many material things
probably much more than I should

Please give me back my innocence
~and calm my anxious fears
I need something now to fill the void
and stop these constant tears


I ask if you'll consider
giving just one thought to me
I feel as though I'm coming apart
~~with the worry stifling me.

I want to stop the fighting
~seems the whole world is at war
Can you stop the madness everywhere
~Remind us what we're living for?

We should live for You and You alone
~put our pettiness aside
I lift my eyes now for your help
Please don't let me be denied.

Change my life now so that
I'll be rid of all this pain
Send down a little happiness
and let me smile again.

All rights reserved-Kacey




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