He sits at God's right hand today
Hands and feet are still blood stained
but the cross no longer bears the nails
and He now is free from pain.

He suffered agonizing hurt
~but never committed sin
They put Him between two lowly thieves
but He rose to live again.

Betrayed by those He thought were friends
~had to bear this heavy cross
while Mother Mary watched Him die
~a Mother's greatest loss.

Do we ever think of His sacrifice
~in our quiet times alone
Our consolation-although He suffered intense pain
He sits with God now on the throne.

The dove of peace flies overhead
In Heaven, only peace
We long for the peace dove here on earth
Seems wars will never cease

Oh God, help me be what you want me to be
Cleanse my heart and soul of sin
~let me sit with you and Jesus
~when I reach my final end.


Ephesians 1:20
Which he wrought in Christ,
when he raised him from the dead,
and set him at his own right hand
in the heavenly places

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