For all the times I asked for wealth
for times I prayed for my good health
For times I asked for material things
All sorts of things that money brings.

You gave me children, and answered the first
When I could have died, and suspected the worst
You spared my life and gave me health
What good is wealth without my health
I uttered a quick "thank you" in my nighttime prayer
I took for granted you'd always be there.

I asked for guidance when times were tough
You asked me if dying for me was enough
You were willing to die on the cross for me
but, in your glory, you returned for all eternity

You arose from your grave to save my soul
You gave me something more precious than gold
Little blue eyed babies that blessed our days
with laughter and joy and beguiling ways

I felt your tears when I chose to ignore you
when I put so many things before you
Unconditional love to me you have shown
and you're willing to accept me as one of your own

Forgive the times I chose earthly goods
instead of choosing you, God, as I should
Now I'm asking you to teach me to take the hands that reach
to show me the way, however long and hard
For this second chance, I thank you, God.

Spare my country from terror-stricken nights
and allow my children and Grandchildren the right
to grow up under your protective shield
-protect then from ever having to feel
the gripping fear consuming the souls of some
in countries where human monsters have come

Let no one ever betray their trust
-have them do without luxuries, but teach them they must
earn your love midst all kinds of temptation
so they know there is only one God-their Salvation

Let them be allowed to pray in their schools
now so deluged with "politically correct" rules
Give them the innocence that is theirs alone
Because all too soon, their childhood is gone
Give them beauty, but beauty inside.
Bless them with compassion you so freely have given
and give them the gift of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Thank you, God

All rights reserved-Kacey