In memory of my sisters, Nina, who died in March 2003
and Louise, who died November 8th, 2004 and my brother Jim who passed away January 2, 2005.

My Brother's Bible

May you all rest in God's peace and love.


Life goes on so they say
I try my best to feel this way
Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it cheers
and always with the passing years
comes sorrow and heartbreak~but faith and love
directed to us from our God above.

I know of death, I've felt it's sting
It has taken someone who means everything
I've lost many so dear to me
but through it all, His face I see

I see His hands so scarred and torn
I see the cuts from that crown of thorns

I hear him whisper "Peace, Be Still"
and in my heart, I feel I will

I will be strong enough to withstand
the shock of death and I'll just take His hand
Let him calm my soul and comfort me
When sadness and worry stifle me

I know it will pass, this feeling of gloom
and in my heart I know there is room
for the memories and laughter we shared in the past
when my loved ones were here-
How those memories will last

I'll not dwell on the loss, but remember the days
of being with them and their funny, sweet ways

I'll ask God to protect them
and then I'll let go
~as much as it hurts, they'll be with Him..this I know.

All rights reserved-Kacey



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